The day of Love

Today we celebrate the day of love. I don’t know I agree that one day be dedicated to showering someone in expensive flowers, chocolate and wine should be only one day. I think you should write messages of love most days. Anyway I will go out for dinner with my handsome partner and enjoy myself knowing everyday we love each other and it doesn’t have to just be saved for one day because media and social pressure say so.
So a week ago one of my closest friends told me a guy she was seeing told her I look posh. Now to set the record straight I’m just a normal girl, somewhere in the middle of poor and rich. Certainly not posh, I just take pride in my appearance. If I only get one day to make an impression on someone I damn well want to be looking my best!
Today I’m all dressed in ASOS attire. However I have a special modcloth dress to wear out to dinner and drinks.






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