My favourite dress

Today could have started terribly as I apparently didn’t set my alarm. I however woke in shock seeing the sun creeping in. My body clock apparently works just as my alarm as it was 5 minutes into my usual “snooze” time. What do you do in your snooze time? I use this time to do a number of things, not including sleeping. I check Facebook, Instagram, email, words with friends, play candy crush and check out the new clothes modcloth has added. A lot in a 9 minute slot but I am part of the Y generation- we are great at multitasking and having more than one thing cooking! Probably not 100% focused on one thing and our finger in another pie.
So my dress- my darling fiancé bought this for Christmas for me. I have in fact worn it to dinner once since then. You cannot see it and I cannot seem to get a photo but its got an open back. A question I always find myself asking- is visible bra appropriate for work? And given its my back I don’t see it as me trying to be sleazy or showy. Anyway it’s better than no bra at all as that is not office friendly at all!






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