Modcloth week of love!

So I’ve decided to join a week of Modcloth love challenge. I think it may have started yesterday but thy didn’t suit me as I was busy being a bride to be at a wedding expo with my Mama.
Today the challenge is something red… Or in my case a couple of red things. And because its modcloth I have decided to wear my mint peep toe shoes. I love these babies so I hope I’m not limping down the hill to work today. One should be ok after a 15 degree temperature drop. It’s hard to have a relaxing and restful week when the eat blasts you from morning until night. As I look around the train I see very tired people heading into work as its the right thing to do. I bet if I asked them what they would like to do the answers would be similar!
Anyway one must carry on. Got to work to live a nice life of brunch dates, long afternoon teas and enjoying a drink or 2 with a friend. Without that cold hard cash it would be hard to incorporate things such as the afternoon tea and food we order.
I caught up with one of my soul sisters yesterday. Our friendship seems as deep as the sea as even with a couple of natural disasters we are still spiritually together stronger than ever. Now that is a free thing I can enjoy without breaking the bank.






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