Brunch- my favourite event!

My favourite cafe event is definitely brunch. Melbourne does have the best brunch in the southern part of the world. Having visited our competition (Sydney) I really have to say Melbourne wins hands down.
So today despite the sweltering heat I’m off for brunch with my gorgeous sister! The hardest thing being the hippest and best cafe’s tend to not have air con which could be the only downfall.
Today I blog as I’m wearing a new top and earrings. The earrings were given to me by the wisest and most knowledgable women I know at work. I love her quirkiness and wit and she gave me these earrings as I’m always very colourful. Big thank you as I love them!
I’m also sporting a modcloth top. Not that you can see all its glory but the pants thing still isn’t screaming my name.
Today will end with a train ride to my Mum’s place. I expect a good night sleep in the country air. Country girls who live in the city never sleep as soundly as they did when they lived amongst all that fresh air and silence!





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