Cutting back but still mod!

Well I started my cut back in dress buying yesterday. I’ve halved my purchases and plan to cut it again next pay. I have to rip this band aid off slowly. I’ve always used shopping as my drug of choice and cold turkey is no fun. Plus I have no reason not to add beautiful pieces to my wardrobe, just more in moderation.
So I had to think do I buy 2 cheap and cheerful items which may last a season or do I pick classic well made and as mum would say good quality. As I’m cutting back I thought I am getting too old to do cheap and fall apart as to be honest with you I do not mend things. I in fact have a bag full of “mending” that has been in my cupboard for going on 3 years!
Like a relationship once broken it can never really be 100% again so sometimes it’s better to cut your losses and toss it out.
Anyway Modcloth being my new addiction was where I chose to spend my hard earned cash! Today I’m wearing a modcloth dress. I bought it to wear to my friends upcoming birthday and couldn’t wait. But in saying that maybe a challenge to myself is to show how office/casual/dressy can be work for the same piece with different accessories, make up and shoes! I’m a thinker and this will make me more savvy.
Gosh I’m terrible with time this week. What day is it? This is a bad sign…






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