Lunching in black and white!

Well today would be one of the happiest days of summer for me and my little house- the air conditioner was installed!! Now I could have spent the day basking in its glory but decided its Saturday and I must be productive. Not work productive I mean productive in my social catch ups. The most productive I get in terms of work is cleaning my house, gardening or pruning my wardrobe which can I say I am no good at! My house is tidy most of the time. Dust may gather and marks may appear but I run a right social calendar and I would rather work on my friendships than have a house so spotless you could eat off the floor? When friends come to my place I want them to feel comfortable and relaxed and I think it has that feel. The only exception is when my feline friend gets skits and scares people. He likes the house to himself or with minimal noise and action, too much laughter and talking makes him climb the furniture!
Anyway I blog today as I have 2 new items I would like to show you. My midi asos dress purchased for Christmas for me from my boy and the brand new modcloth shoes I got. I have also clashed the black and white dress with my spotty belt…not sure if its the best option but the only one with the right width about it. Anyway this cotton jersey is the perfect dress as its comfortable and stretchy so if I eat too much at lunch with my Mum I am still able to breath.





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