A day of walking adventures

Today I went out sporting 2 of my Boxing Day shopping adventures purchases. I love new clothes but I love them even more when I have picked them up for a smidge of the price. This portmans maxi dress was 60% off and the jacket half priced. To top off this bargain I got this coin necklace from sportsgirl for the price of 2 coffees.
Sometimes it’s hard to always want a bargain. I find my mind wondering to such things when it comes to wedding planning. I want my savvy and bargain spirit to get me great things for a good price. I get so much more out of a new item of clothing or statement necklace if I have waited until its on special.
Labels and high branded fashion is lost on me as I go with how someone looks and holds themselves. You could dress in very expensive clothing but look terribly tacky or wear an outfit for under $50 and look like a millionaire. If your happy with you it’s worth more than the labels you wear.
Holidays or week ends away are so good for your soul and relationships. I always feel recharged away from home. It also makes me realise why I love my boy. He is one in a million and I’m a very happy girl to have him in my world.






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