A little OTTT-but it’s Xmas eve!

I can already tell I’m well and truly over the top in colours today. But it’s Christmas and I was listening to Christmas carols getting ready for work today. I blame Hanson and their run Rudolph song! I won’t apologise and I couldn’t care if I look a little like Accidently Kelly street! It’s Christmas and I’m just a happy little tree decoration.
Tonight will consist of Christmas with my partners side and then midnight mass. I feel this is a better place to visit Dad than a grave site. He would be so proud that we are standing at church even if it is just once a year. Plus I have to show him the church I will be married in! I look forward to singing Christmas carols.
Tomorrow we board the plane to Tasmania to spend time with Nannie and Mum. Our small little family mean the world and more to me. Time together is precious.
Wishing everyone a very merry and safe Christmas. I hope it’s filled with happy memories to be made and so much food you fall into an afternoon food coma. Xox








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