The last 2 days before Xmas!

Well not only are trains telling me no one should be at work this close to Christmas but that day is rainy, cold and grey! Thank you Melbourne for making me thrilled to be getting up and paying taxes for another couple of days.
As I usually don’t go to work in the lead up to Christmas I’m dressing in green for the next two days as in green with envy at those relaxing and laying in bed watching this rain drench me and the other poor buggers going to work. Ok that’s my pre-Xmas rant over.
On a positive I love this dress! And I did attempt to be all Christmas with red shoes, but musk and red are not great friends when it comes to jacket and shoes so I changed as I skipped out the door.
Now I’m functioning off 2 hours sleep so I will be full of wisdom today. Thanks to a case of eating too many rich foods I paid for it all last night and early into the morning.






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