Unconditional friendships

Summer is heating up! It’s a stinking hot 40 degrees in down town Melbourne. Not my favourite weather. Give me a sunny winters day any day. Anyway I shall not complain because my unhappiness towards this weather is someone else’s paradise and I’m all for making people happy.
Continuing on with my red theme I have this dress I got years ago on sale on with my green accessories (a real Xmas tree today!)
Last night we dined with 2 couple who I believe will be friends of ours unconditionally for the rest of our lives. They are real people, telling it as it is. We are all very different but yet the same in the values we keep and relationships we have with our partners. We spoke about adventures that we plan on going on solo and even spoke about future trips together. As Mum always said if you can count all your friends on one hand your doing well. I can certainly count the people I can count on on both hands for sure. Friendship doesn’t mean living out of each others pockets or even seeing each other every moment. It’s the special bond and moments you do share that put a smile on your face.
A family dinner tonight will not keep me cool but it will keep me out of the kitchen and grateful for what I have in this life time. Stay cool Melbourne friends its going to be hot and stormy!







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