The very merry and tough times

The silly season is well and truly for friends, families and eating too much. As soon as December 1 ticked over its really started for me. It’s great as it doesn’t give me much time to dwell on anything and really does bring out my very positive and smiley side. I love being surrounded by friends and good conversations.
This time of year it really makes you remember family or friends who are no longer here or part of your life. I’ve felt quite teary but over the years have learnt to bite my bottom lip and carry on! So here I am carrying on.
Now today I am going casual to work (something I haven’t done for many years). For my friends who know me out of work know my signature week end addition is a cropped light denim jacket. Last night whilst out shopping I picked up this denim jacket with lace and bling! I love you Forever New- this is a god send!
I also got this frock half price from Friends of Couture as its going to get some play time with the silly season and Bali getting closer.
To top off my day I will be meeting 2 of my favourites for a drink and gossip no doubt.
Happy Friday dear friends x







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