Still very green!

I bought this dress for last years work Xmas party. Unlike my usual shopping pattern I paid full price as I was sure it would never make it to the sale rack- it did but I never checked to see what I wasted as I believe I have got its worth of wears.
I will justify a full price item by how many occasions I can wear it to. If I can wear it to more than 2-3 events and then recycle it for the office then I make the purchase and have no shoppers remorse.
I usually also plan out my event outfits as if I don’t I’m riddled with anxiety on the day. I do also make sure it fits as my weight and shape can change so quickly (and with out me realising!)
I best get planning tonight as I have a heap of catch ups and events to go to between now and NYE!






2 thoughts on “Still very green!

  1. Ah! It is a gorgeous dress! And love the way you have decoded how you shop. Truly speaking those are great tips and calculating price per wear is a good practice! And so is imagining it with your existing wardrobe 🙂

    Love, Wink n Pout
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    • Well I’m considering heading back to study so I will need to get very creative as my wage will not be able to cope with new things all of the time!
      Thank you for stopping by!

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