Having a green moment

At this time of year it’s near impossible to use the week end to recharge. It’s full of catching up, going here there and everywhere. Don’t get me wrong I love seeing my friends so much but as I don’t live with them I can’t just blob in silence.
Last night Mum and I went to Bon Jovi. Being a savvy shopper I got tickets for $35! Cheaper than gold class movies. Now don’t get me wrong he is a rocker from way back and great at what he does but one objection- sometimes great music does not need to last through the generations so play your songs that made us dance, sing and have a great night. New songs and re inventing yourself is not necessary as this generation is unlikely to ever match your greatness. We are in an era of one hit wonders, the less you wear the hotter you are and the more irritating the song the more silly radios will play it!
Anyway music has always been close to my heart. Remembering a childhood filled with records playing loud, lots of laughter and lots of good times with Mum and Dad. Their relationship was always good when the music was on. And I inherited 600 records full of good times.
In regards to my outfit I am attracted to green at the moment. It’s got the good energy I need. I’ve included a snap shot of the moment I talked my friend into coming to Bali with me and Anthony. Good times ahead.








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