The lights are brighter on the other side!

I’m a little bit excited as I am seeing 2 of my dearest friends (and oldest standing friendships) tonight for a girls night out. We live such different lives that are full of joy and people who love us. It’s nice to catch up to remind each of us where we have come from and how far we have come. While we all hold such wonderful values and people who have come to know us think we are fabulous in our own right, it hasn’t always been easy. We were not part of the in crowd at school, although we weren’t the centre of being bullied we really had to build our strength up. It’s interesting to know what happen with the in crowd- from what I have heard there are a number of failed marriages, relationships and most of them still in the same cliche. I feel we all had to work harder and have really come out the best we really can. We work hard career wise, work even harder at our relationships and don’t walk away easily. Being part of the in crowd would have taught us nothing about ourselves and we probably wouldn’t be who we are now. There really is a lesson in every situation in life, you just need to step back and smell the roses.
Today I’m wearing my very favourite colour- peacock green and lace! I even threw in some crazy tights to add cheer and energy into my Friday fun day!
Enjoy your days whatever you may or may not be doing. Take time to smell the roses and look up at the leafy green trees (yep I’m a dreamer today!)






2 thoughts on “The lights are brighter on the other side!

  1. Hi Rosie,

    You look great. They are great words of wisdom you have posted today. Life is a journey of high mountains ,low valleys and rivers with twist and turns in them. You have turned out a very lovable ,confident woman who has stood up to many challenges,but still has kept the compassion to others and family .May the universe bless you always, as I do ,
    luv mumxx

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