Red headed and hot!

The silly season has well and truly started. I’m in two minds to count down until the fat man gets here or count down to my holiday to Bali! Both very exciting and both going to be very exciting. Decisions decisions.
I do like a lot of things about this time of year. I love seeing my friends, laughing and making memories. It also means I can work through my wardrobe and get out things I’ve barely worn to shine bright like a diamond at social events.
I remember Christmas time as a great family time. My Aunty Lorraine would invite us all around and put on a huge spread. Music would be played and we would always have to walk home as the parentals would have enjoyed the festivities too much. I can see why my sister and I love a party.
A new addition to my colourful wardrobe is my now colourful hair! Not what I had hoped for and a little too red but it will do for now. My fiancé loves it so I guess I will keep it for a little while. It’s hard to dress with it though! What does one wear when sporting red hair??
This ASOS midi is great as it can be worn as a dress and a skirt. I will be taking this with me to Bali!






2 thoughts on “Red headed and hot!

  1. We all have such unique memories of Christmas and Holiday Times right. But mostly everything does revolve around families 🙂

    And yes! It is time to dog out great things from your closet! But this dress is really cute.. and the necklace does it justice!

    Love, Wink n Pout
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