An oldie but a goodie

Found in my recent clean up is this tulip style dress I purchased last year or even the year before. I remember the last time I wore this dress- I decided to get my hair cut into a bob. Can I tell you I’m so tempted to colour my hair copper and get the bob back!? I totally won’t do any of the sort as wedding means growing of my hair and keeping it as natural as possible. I will go the cut on Saturday and I will get it coloured but nothing drastic.
That same day in this dress Anthony and I had dinner with one of our dearest couple. It was just before their wedding and we were all extremely excited about this event.
Now this is why I find it difficult to throw away clothes as they have a story. If I could tell you the story of the 2 garbage bags full of clothes I would- but I may just rehang everything! Clothes hoarder- that’s me!





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