Quick break in the country

Something about a long week end get away makes me energised and just so darn relaxed.
Having escaped the city for a little recharge of the batteries while my other half sells caravans I am left to aimlessly wander new streets.
I found an awesome organic shop to get some lovely local foods to try. Another thing about being in the country, it makes me want to eat only organic and locally grown produce. One day when I’m older I would certainly love to move from inner city to the country. Right now I am where I need to be. Working on my career and life with my boy.
I’m having a moment to reflect on where I am heading. A light bulb is telling me it may be time to follow a new path and go back and study. If this light bulb doesn’t disappear in the new year I’m going to take some serious measures to get myself back into uni.
Today is my Dad’s birthday and as he is up in heaven partying on with all the angels I will have to celebrate it without him. It’s hard not having him around anymore. I miss him every day and think of him a lot. I feel lucky to have had him and grateful for Anthony as he has a lot of the qualities I admired in my Dad.
Anyway enjoy your Friday pretty ones x








One thought on “Quick break in the country

  1. You look lovely in that dress and the glasses.. both of them together.. A break is great thing… and Happy Birthday to your dad. Your love really reflects through.. but we are sure he is having a good time with the angels and smiling upon you 🙂

    Love, Wink n Pout
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