It’s hard work being fit and fashionable!

So this fitness challenge is hard work. Up at 5am and dead by 7.30am is a tough start to a day. What comes as my biggest challenge is getting ready in a gym change room!
I run hot on the best of days- it’s just me and I’ve learnt to live with it. But trying to get cool enough to put make up on and wave my hair is a challenge in itself. Rather than skip a day I’m just showing how shocking my hair looks ah-la gym style and my funky boots (bought for my birthday by the lovely Miss Jenni), my over sized heart as I’m full of love for my 4 day week end!
My dress is new and it’s a smock purchased last week on ASOS.
So I’ve started a wardrobe budget after reading a fellow bloggers post. I’m allowing myself $300 a month on clothes. Can I tell you I’ve blown it by $60! Opps! Next month is looking a little thinner but that’s ok.
I did manage to get 7 dresses for just over $300 which is a bargain if I must say so myself.
Please excuse my photos it’s the bet I can do on my commute to work 😏





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