A little River island

Having joined an early morning bootcamp in the city 3 mornings a week means I am not able to blog as often. The plus to this is hopefully less of me will be pictured as I should begin to shrink!
Having the love of my life book a summer get away to Bali in early January I think it’s come in good timing.
So as I have one fitness challenge I will just wear what makes me happy and this dress has brought me a lot of joy! I bought this little midi River island dress in my first few months of falling in love with ASOS and have never looked back at Aussie stores and short lengths again. I like to keep myself a little covered and think skin is for one person and one person only!
Lets talk about my $7 necklace- how awesome is it!? Lovisa have a discount store on my way home from work. This could be dangerous but with prices this cheap I won’t leave it behind!






5 thoughts on “A little River island

  1. You truly look ravishing! Even we love ASOS so much 🙂
    And we can totally understand how finding one right dress/look can alter your attitude towards dressing up so much!! And big compliment for the cropped blazer!

    Good luck with your health goal 🙂

    Love, Wink n Pout
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