Thank spot it’s Friday!

A good sleep is better than any medicine out there. I’m a firm believer that our body can mend itself with a good nights sleep. It’s kicked in just in time for the week end. No one wants to have a week end catching up on what a week of work and working out has thrown at us.
Which brings me to the point I was discussing with a friend last night. I’ve lost a lot of my pity for people since this job. People are given challenges in their life, they are put there for us to learn from and grow from as a person. They make us stronger, wiser and should give us new skills. A lot of people like to lay down and cry for help but the people who go it alone and become better, stronger and wiser are the people I admire. Life throws us curve balls we have a choice, and I won’t help people who won’t or can’t help themselves. Sometimes we have to go it alone and hopefully it makes you love yourself more.
Anyway I’m having a clean up of the wardrobe over the week end- a task I find difficult as I hold onto memories, good times and even bad times in clothes. Time to learn some strength and beat this thing!
Last day of spots phew! I’ve near run out!





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