Embracing Barkins & sportsgirl

Today I hang on the edge of 2 brands, sportsgirl and barkins. For friends who have known me forever must know of my late teens early 20’s love for everything sportsgirl. Each pay I would go to my closest sportsgirl and get as many items as I could from the discount section. In those days they could do nothing wrong. But as I grow and fashions change I find myself lost and not loving their clothes. The hemlines are too short, the available shapes of clothes are not at all flattering for all shapes and sizes. Maybe it was always like this and I was blindly in love with this brand, like an ex lover I can sti see some good points ( their awesome jewels) but can see a lot of floors.
Anyway they can make a beautiful blazer (as pictured). I’m going to try and marry 2 brands- barkins and sportsgirl. Because like us humans we are stronger and better together!
Happy Monday friends x





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