Just a little week end fun with ASOS!

I usually don’t blog on week ends but I’m on the train (my regular writing spot) and thought why not!
I’m heading to see my Mumma Bear and then to see my gorgeous sister who just landed from a few days in Thailand. I’m very green with envy as I really miss Asia- I’m begging my fiancé to reconsider a January escape!
Yesterday was filled with a brunch date with one of my faithful friends Claire. She is an inspiration, surviving an accident that truly could have killed her. She survived because she has such an amazingly strong spirit and because her time on earth to make a difference wasn’t here yet. She too has such a quirky dress sense I love catching up about fashion, love and to gossip about the world. We picked the mini cupcakes I will have at my engagement party.
Today is lunch and dinner- week ends seem to be about dining.
Last night I had a lovely Italian feast with my fiancé in a great little home style Italian place in North Fitzroy, we will return there with family or our family when we have one!
All my dresses have been asos as they do the best week end comfy dresses.







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