Obsessive me!

I have an obsessive personality. It’s true, once I get a thought in my mind I find genius or innovative I won’t let it die. Like my obsession with all things asos and midi length, all eye wear with red in it, lipsticks in 100 shades and so the story goes. If I wasn’t obsessed with clothes and fashion I could easily have an unhealthy obsession-not sure what but trust me it could be worse and less socially acceptable.
This dress for example of my obsessions- I bought it in 2 colours. I thought it looked good and you would never tell as I wear them so far in between of each other.
I remember on the odd occasion when Mum had a little extra cash when we were younger she would sneak in with a bag of bargain priced clothes. She was and still is so proud of the savings she has made waiting to buy it cheaper- mum you passed that gene on! I love a bargain and I get the rush of excitement when I have something new to wear.
Now I have been sensible with my shoes- I have commute flats and work and out shoes in my bag. No one can walk all day in platforms and be sane. I have a dinner date with Anthony and his cousin at our engagement venue. I am obsessed with that place at the moment and a little bee in my head saying you need to try the entire menu!






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