Friday the Sadie lady

Another successful week of my challenge with myself! One brand of clothing for my working week. This dress was really bought as a casual dress but what the heck I will office it up. Not sure what the regular price for this dress but I certainly did not pay full price!
Today marks 12 months to the day I received my last phone call from my beloved Dad. He ended his call by saying “I love ya Rosie, god bless” I vaguely remember saying I love you too dad and I hope god blesses you too, slightly chuckling about it. Then he was gone. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of him. It never stops hurting, you just learn different ways to cope.
So what better way to end the week then with a hot date with a friend who cares about me dearly and would do anything I asked of her! Tonight we dine on Mexican and ramble about the tales of our lives and our first world problems…bliss xxx





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