Not following my rules today!

Today I’m not feeling so great. I have a head ache and am feeling needy-the little girl is coming out in me! So I’m wearing my casual clothes to get my eyes tested as constant head aches for me usually mean my eyes need checking or I am stressed.

Ok I need to address my online shopping obsession. It’s usually a positive experience and things either come looking just as I expected, sometimes better or in this skirts case WAY TOO bright!! Talk about neon. I think I’m lighting up the bus. I know what to wear in a black out. Now I’m trying to imagine what I can wear with it! Anyway it’s one in a zillion purchases that may not have gone to plan. But that’s fine and it will not stop me.
I am wearing a quite sportsgirl necklace to attempt to tame the bright.
Happy Bright bright Friday.





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