Glassons finally!

Last week day of my Glassons wardrobe. I actually probably have another week full of Glassons clothes I could put together but I may save them for another time.
This outfit is screaming give me a drink its Friday! And just between you and I that’s exactly what I will be doing at 5.05pm. While all my work drinks faded in the division of regions at work I still keep the flame alight with my besties living or working close by. I really love the bar scene in Collingwood. It’s relaxed, a little funky and not a meat market-best point of all you can be whoever you are. For example me and my college went to a new cocktail bar a few weeks ago-nice and funky. There was a lady who looked like she was living ruff, as my sister would say, needed a dental plan and maybe an updated outfit. She was swilling her red wine and dancing by herself- she made everyone in the bar smile.
Well I hope everyone has a day like the lady from my story and end the day with a nice drink and dance with yourself or friends xox





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