Glassons week…

Today I am digging deep into my wardrobe to find a weeks worth of Glassons dresses and skirts. Like most things I get obsessed with I get totally a obsessed with a whole lot of dresses at the one store.
This dress is very old but has definitely worked harder than some of the things I own. I’ve teamed it in this same combo last year I’m sure of it.
Being spring this sheer dress is fine but demands layers. So layers it gets! I’ve also teamed it up with my favourite necklace bought in sportsgirl a few moons ago.
See I can totally recycle my own wardrobe. Much to some of my friends comments in the past I so wear things more than once!
This week end was hard I’m going to be honest for once. Me and my sister (and many of our childhood friends) loved my dad. He was a true Aussie battler who loved his family and was so proud. We miss him in our lives every day. Father’s Day however was spent visiting Mum and then popping into my my sister from another Mother’s dad. Although we cried we smiled and laughed a lot.





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