Friends court in the dark!

This is not a week I feel like confronting anyone. It makes me nervous having to face the music with a certain someone about doing something I feel is helping me grow and develop. I am strong, I am worth it and I will be a better person. I may even find that me that was more passionate and confident than this. Today I will face my fear, regardless of what I feel like doing.
So looking through my wardrobe I really didn’t have as many friends of couture items as I thought…never fear I’m wearing yesterday’s double in a different shade. This dress is older than yesterday’s dress. This dress was purchased to wear to a friends dinner party and I had fun in it one night out on the town. The dress itself brings back good memories of the adventures I had in it!
Spring is definitely in the air as its 18 degrees on my way to work. I was also without power so my photos come from the only room with decent light and a mirror-my bathroom!





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