Navy and spotty!

This little dress which was actually part of the “winter collection” is just so bright and happy. My beautiful sister actually picked this dress up months ago when we were in the city shopping for an event neither of us had a thing to wear to. She thought it was a fun dress for work but I’m pretty sure due to it not being black based she popped it back. Now that it is half price and lets face it not all that wintery I am sporting it on this crisp 15 degree day. Lucky for me the office I work in is ridiculously balmy so it will be 31 degrees where I stop today.
As “the climb” sings in my ears I think today is going to be another good challenge. While my patience and good spirit has morphed a little over the past 12 months I think I still have lots of good bones left (well one can only hope).
Last night my boy and I had our first date night since becoming engaged. It was in a lovely little(well not so little anymore) cafe in Brunswick East called Pope Joan. I think we will have our engagement there. It has a great atmosphere, wonderful food and the staff are so hospitable and really happy to be there. Did I mention the food was delicious?? Amazing- just go and try it for yourself!





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