The shift and hour glass/pear

So the Friends of Couture sale continues along with my newly exchanged shift dress. I personally do not own too many of these babies as I really don’t think my combination between a hour glass/pear shape really wears it well. But how gorgeous is the print! I’m willing to give it a go and if I get comments like “nice potato sack” I may just give it to a friend who may work it better, or I could always wear it as a top with high waisted skirt! Gosh I am a thinker.
When I think about a purpose for bloggin I think of a number of things but one that is fresh in my head is I want to prove just because I’m not a teeny tiny 8 I can still rock what god gave me! It’s also a way of keeping my friends who live afar close to me!
Happy hump day!






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