Purple for my Mum!

The last couple of days have been a whirl. With dinners, announcements and running so late to work I’m embarrassed. Oh well I plan to only get engaged once and I’m going to bathe in the bliss and happiness.
I’m recycling this dress I purchased from Myers years ago on a gift certificate I got from some work friends when I left one of the thousand jobs I have started and finished. It’s an oldie but a keeper, however either I have grown or its a whole lot shorter than I recall…oh well it looks good with the blazer!
This purple blazer reminds me of a coat I owned when I was much younger. My lovely mother had it matched to about 5 dresses or combos I had and each time we would go shopping she would point out items that would go well with it. I probably wore it once and held onto it for a lot longer as Mum loved the colour. I’m such a clothes hoarder!
It’s Wednesday and the sky threatens to rain. Winter needs to move along as I want my morning walks and lighter evenings back.
My beautiful fiancé decided he wanted to feature in my blog today and made a request that my bling be included!
Ciao bellas xo







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