Maccas dates-bring me back to my youth

Today had me deep in thought about decisions people make and how they really do shape who we are and who we become.
While I watched a elderly man with his disc man stamping his feet and singing along I think, gee he must have made some good choices in life to be so dam happy! But then again music can make a bad decision or mood 110% better.
Then I see the junky who could barely hold his head and eyes open. I wondered when did fun become a habit and when did the habit over take his life ?
I visited my dear friend and he kids today, we had a lovely maccas date- for the record I have not eaten McDonald’s in years. It was a nice treat and the perfect venue for kids to have fun, while we gossip about the world and our lives. I still remember sitting together studying and now while we live such different lives we want the same things. Why work when you can have a career?
Today has made everything a bit clearer. Maybe work isn’t as bad as I thought, maybe just being in it day after day and feeling defeated a lot of that time just means I need a break. I would love to never work and just write and float around. But then I think would I get up and dress lovely? Probably not so now when I go back to work I’m going to appreciate and be glad to be working. My other choice is just being angry at the world like the teenagers I seen on the train-not my thing!
Anyway I wore my denim dress, blazer and boots out to maccas coz at lunch time at maccas you really can be whoever you like.






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