Don’t worry be happy!

Waking up with Guy singing “don’t worry be happy” got me thinking I really need to stop over thinking everything. I’m in this situation but really need to make the most of it. As my posted says love the life you live!
Today is ending with birthday celebration drinks for my spunk! Like every true wog boy he loves a party and everyone in our circle looks forward to Anthony’s birthday. He has such an amazing energy when he has something to celebrate.
I just hope with my 2.5hours of sleep and virus I’m not a wet rag!
Today I wear my Riverisland pleather skirt, barkins pussy bow top and barkins blazer. I wear my red glasses as I wore them the night I met my boy. He loves them.





4 thoughts on “Don’t worry be happy!

    • Hahaha its a good song it kind of makes you bop through the day. Especially being a Friday when we really just want it to be 5pm already!I love this blazer I am so surprised how much it goes with.

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