Lovin the mullet has a new meaning!

Today started quite rushed so I’m writing on my commute home. Having lost my Friday night drinks to a restructure I now am a Friday night late night shopper. Now my money is invested in my wardrobe rather than at the pub…fairs fair I got to go somewhere!
Barkins is killing me with their fabulous sales and why not tonight on my last week of shopping until January’s Singapore adventure! Cannot wait to shop there with $$ in the bank!
Today I am in a new but never worn asos dress. The only mullet that should ever be seen in this life time (I hope and pray!) it’s a bit of a princess feeling dress as it is long and swishes when I walk.
Today was another challenging day at the office. One I hope not to have to relive to often. I’m definitely getting stronger and wiser. No wonder the elderly have so many wrinkles it must be the stress lines from a life time of challenges and new beginnings! Ones skin can only pretend to fight stress for so long. Better head home to a bath, wine and me time. Enjoy your parties young ones, I’m hanging up my boots!




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