Purple for my girl!

Sleeping is amazing isn’t it!? Such a luxury when your thoughts and ideas do not allow more than a few hours in a row. It’s going to get better I know it!
Needing a bit of my carefree friend from Sweden with me in this trying time I’ve gone to this purple dress. I’m a strange creature with how I relate to some people. I link them to an outfit, a store or something that makes them-them that is of course material.
Tonight Anthony and I are having pizza at his sisters house. I hope I can keep myself clean and in order for the day as Anthony’s sister is always perfectly finished off, even with an 19 month old baby boy she amazes me. I strive to be just the mum and fashionista she is one day when babies enter our life!
Big meeting today is making me nervous but I have to believe in my own strength- I can do anything!





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