Spanner in the road Tuesday

Having hit a major career bump in the road today has been an emotional up and down day. I’m suffering from sleepless nights and day time blues. So today I decided was going to be a me day, I am going to do what I want today and just relax and ideas about where I’m headed will come.
A lovely package from asos did arrive at my door which totally inspired me to frock up and go out. I’m heading into the city to have coffee with my real inspiration my mum. Feeling a bit closer to a solution I’m enjoying some winter sunshine in a maybe too bright outfit but shucks I am who I am and I’m very individual! My outfit may be a little mish mashed today-oh well!
I am going to spend the arvo working on my health with a session at the local gym and cooking something amazing for my beautiful supportive boyfriend (who may have encouraged the day off)!





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