Trying not to be too army with my khaki

What an amazing 24 hours. Politics is going through some historical challenges in Australia. Looks like its Kevin 2013!
It was also my and Anthony’s 2 1/2 year anniversary which I may or may not have forgotten. But he did not and surprised me with roses, chocolates and wine. He also asked me politely to take a night off the gym or bootcamp so I agreed to spend some couple time with him. I’m feeling rather refreshed for a Thursday!
My dress is from eBay and it was cheaper than cheap. Advertised as turmeric in colour I feel it’s more khaki but who am I to argue! I’ve teamed it up with my favourite wine colour blazer. I feel older liking wine as a colour.
Talk about feeling older and maybe wiser I found myself listening intently to talk back radio yesterday. They were talking about online romance…lots of food for thought. It doesn’t seem natural to meet the one at a bar, I’m definitely an exception to the rule.





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