Can cream be a winter colour?

So I’m all frocked up for a busy Saturday out and about. First stop is lunch and theatre with my mum, sister and mother in law (to be).
I purchased this lovely cream frock from asos during the week and really want it to work as a winter dress. I feel with my wine colours, black patterned tights and winter boots I am killing the look but my toughest judge is my sister and mum. Who knows what they will think. So far so good!
It may need to be a day of salad, no red foods and watching where I sit. All good! Have a wonderful week end folks!



2 thoughts on “Can cream be a winter colour?

  1. Rosie, you look stunning. I don’t think there are any rules these days to what you can wear and when you can wear them. I was at the tail end of an era that said you had to wear gloves to an evening event and boys would bring a corsage for you to pin on your fluffy organdie type dress(gardenias were the favourite in my time). Sounds glamorous, but I like these days better.

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