The week end with Nan

This week end me, my partner and sister paid my Nannie a visit in Tassie. I realised Tassie is more a home to me than anywhere else in Melbourne. We grew up flying over for school holidays, birthdays and events. When Mum and Dad separated and then Dad died nowhere felt like home, except my home with Anthony.
We did our usual of a day of shopping on the bus and then taking Nan out for lunch and a drive. It was bliss!
Tasmania is such a beautiful spot in Australia. It gives you a chance to breath. The air was cold so 3 runs/walks happened in the space of 2 days.
Family time means so much more to me than nights out on the town. It’s funny how priority changes as we grow.
My Nannie is the funniest and wittiest person I know. She always has a humorous way of telling a story or describing people or events!






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