Dress patterned like my street

So a little about me…I’m captured by the leaves falling in my street. I love where I live it’s lined with gorgeous trees that are beautiful all year round. They inspire me to be outside and to be playful when walking home (can’t help but kick them around and stomp on them!)
My office job is actually quite challenging but I feel at ease that I’m helping people and families live easier lives. I work in the disability sector for the Victorian government. I am the most colourful person in my office but I like bringing a bit of light to the room.
Today I look down at my dress and see leaves falling off the trees in different shapes and colours. Since colouring my hair plum I’m a huge fan of green in any shade!
One more day and I’m off to spend the long week end with my Nan and sister. Cannot wait as my family is everything to me!




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