Matching Monday

So my week end was not so glamourous. I met with some vicious garage sale women. Now whilst I love a bargain there is certain attire I would not leave the house in. I’m no fan of a naked face, a splash of make up doesn’t go astray. Neither does a pretty print or cute week end outfit. Not judging but people I was up at the crack of dawn and still put in effort.
This month has been very difficult as me and my sister clear out my Dad’s house. I have tried to keep myself colourful and looking happy. I figure if I look myself my emotions will follow!
Today I sported my new lippy, leopard tights and my very cheap but cute winter dress. I reused my old faithful 3/4 jacket which I brought from sportsgirl years ago! Did I feel good? Yes but then I closed my door and popped my pjs on and then felt relief!
Why matching Monday? Well my pod buddy in my team was wearing the same colours. It looked like a new government uniform.





4 thoughts on “Matching Monday

  1. You’re right Rosie, making an effort to put some make up on and comb your hair does an awful lot to help you in a positive frame of mind when you are low.

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