The Winter gives us a spring tease.


Asos Inspired most of my wardrobe this week. They have such flattering and unique things. The dresses are great to add colour to the office and make me feel pretty. Image

Blossom is my favourite flower this week and makes getting up on a cold morning worth it. The sky has been a gorgeous blue and the sun has shone. It certainly is in between seasons which is a pretty time.

It is still chilli but with a end of year holiday to Langkawi booked with my sweet heart I am happier to be working everyday.


The above outfit was the least colourful outfit and it was noted by a manager at my work, that although I looked great I was very toned down for me. Sometime I can be part of the crowd. Usually though being part of the crowd makes me feel like I am presenting boring. I see my wardrobe as an art expression as to who I am. I want to be quirky but still maintain a splash of class. Perfect for someone in their late 20’s!


This week I also decided to start growing my fringe out for summer and my holiday. I am also considering starting to lighten my hair for the summer and for my end of year holiday! I wonder if 17 weeks prior to a holiday if wardrobe planning this far out is necessary? I am hoping that headbands or scarves will feature this year as I over heat at the best of times let alone with heaps of humidity. On the very big plus we will be in shopping heaven! All I can think of is shoes shoes shoes!


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