Day 5…27 and 364 days old!

Perfect lunch today with my favourite people. Its my birthday tomorrow. 28 years have ticked on by in my short life. I still feel like a kid at heart. I can’t believe how in a blink you go from a child playing dolls wishing for 10 “babies” to looking down the barrel of marriage, children and a career.I remember when I was a kid sneaking a sip of Dad’s beer and Mum’s wine thinking geez that is terrible tasting. I remember thinking that day I will never drink alcohol! Now I look forward to Friday to sip on wine the key to heaven on the week end! I also find myself liking foods I would have no way touched as a child. While I have always loved biccies and dips from my days at the beach side I now like cheese I would have thought resembled hot socks. Now that I know what I know and think how I think I really have grown up. I have lost a little bit of my imagination on the way and gained new ideas about the world. I lost my innocence of thinking that everyone is so nice, the world is full of twist and turns and people living for themselves. Anyway I must say despite the bumps in the road I am happy to be where I am right now. I feel more settled being who I am knowing that its not so important how I get to the golden gate, more the journey of getting there with plenty of laugh lines on my face from being so happy in my life.

Cheers to 28! Have a happy Sunday!


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