Its cold outside…perfect Sunday roast weather

So its cold outside. It may just be my favourite time of year to be in a relationship. Its lovely to walk hand in hand in the winter sun, sip on tea in a funky Melbourne Cafe. Its also perfect weather for tasty Sunday roasts and a glass of red wine in front of the heater snuggling up with my sweet man and pussy cat.

My favourite part of being in a relationship in winter is the fact that Saturday night no longer consists of dolling up, lining up in bitter cold weather, dancing all night long, drinking hundreds of my hard earn $$ and waiting (kebab in hand) for a taxi to take me home to my oh so cold bed. Then spending all day Sunday hung over. For the past 2 weeks Saturday night has been snuggling on the couch, home cooked dinner and precious moments laughing, loving and just being simple. Don’t get me wrong I love a new cafe, funky bar and a little boogie but I am very happy to wait for Spring to spring.

After stacking on a few kilos in the early stages of my wonderful relationship I am on a new mission of exercise and being kind to my body. While I struggle not to eat a yummy desert I am challenging myself. I who used to hate to run decided if I would love this very Italian man I am with and eat like I am part of his culture I would need to learn to run and like it. I have achieved this over this chilly cold winter. I am dedicated as I save for holidays to forgien beautiful lands. Life and love is good. I was seeking this life and boy oh boy does it feel good. I pinch myself as like my pussy cat I seem to land on my feet everytime I fall.

Tonight I cook a roast and thank my lucky stars I go to bed next to my human hot teddy, share a laugh, snuggle and good time. If life is about the rooms we put ourselves in I will look back on this chapter all warm in my cocoon and think things are good, really really good.



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