Back on the Blog trail

Having spent the last few months in a huge state of change I have decided to come back to writing about my life, love and laughter.

Having embarked on a fantastic relationship with a very loving affectionate and passionate man I am the happiest I have ever been. It made me realise that state of happiness is not one thing its a million little moments of niceness and sweetness. It is not a place, an event or a material thing. Its also not neccessary goal driven eg I will be happy when I weigh this or when I have done that. Its a sense of being where you are ment to be and feeling love from being who you are. I have never been so comfortable being me…I am not perfect but accepting this is the vechile I have been given in this life and to stick on the road and love what I see, what I do and all the features unique to me. Its not always going to be sunshine and coastlines, sometimes it gets dark and scary but thats ok thats life and what doesn’t kill us really makes us very strong.

Work wise I am on the right track having tried a couple of different things but have not been very driven. I now know there are many people out there happy just working for the man. Not caring if what they do is meaningful or enough. I however can not be there. Flicking through the paper to fill in time is not who I am. I have much more drive and ability to make a difference in others lives. I have fallen on my feet and have a busy and great job. I hear the worst and best of what working with humans has to offer.

I have been thinking about how I want my blog to look and the direction I want it to go in. Like me I think it will have many different moods. I want to blog what truly inspires me. I am a fashion bombshell which I will explain later. I however just want to raise my hand and let you all know I am back!


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