Harry Hilton is my new paradise

The taste of happiness and new beginnings is definately like the smell of coffee in the morning. Its fresh, it twists and twirls around your insides and makes you oh so alive.

I moved out of my old apartment which I shared with my ex. The ex was as unsupportive and uninterested in anything but himself as usual. The move was horrible, it was long and it took every bit of my sanity not to go insane! Once the keys were no longer mine I felt my heart and head say “go forth, leave the past in the past and enjoy this new chaper”. My new place is fresh and free of any heart ache. For once it feels like my little place. My room is my haven and my house mates my support to laugh and cry with me. We have a lovely garden and backyard which I love every day I am there.

The other new thing my new house has brought is a new BOYFRIEND! Moving on is sooooo sweet once the bitterness is gone. I have moved on and I am feeling that warm rush of love to the head.

Just after christmas I started a very new relationship full of new adventures, people and experiences. It feels so different from the rest. It comes easy and it makes me feel like I have found my place for now. I am loving getting to know someone. The difference between starting a relationship in my late 20’s is that partners have a past, which I am learning to cope with. They have lived so differently to me who was with my sweet heart from high school. I feel like I was living under my own little umbrella.

Which guy did I go with…Soccer boy of course! He is my Italian lover! Like wine he gets better with time.

The only baggage I am working on now is my work…its not where I want to be but I need to be here to fund my holiday to Europe in June.


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