through sickness and health

So I am not as ammune to the flu as I thought. I caught it from one of the little gems of children I was looking after. Its knocked me down for 5 days. I tell you one thing single sucks when your sick!

I need someone to make me soup, bring me tea and pity me. When your sick and single you have to find an inner strength to get out of the house for soup, drugs to make you better. I have to open my own curtains and do my own dishes. Luxuries I must have been taking for granted in my 8 year relationship.

So since being sick Mr Wonderful has rang me twice a day to make sure I am alive. Given me secret Thai recipes on concoctions that can heal me. Mr 8 Years has just told me to go to the Doctors, but not really kept in too much contact.

Mr 8 Year relationship got a list from me on things that need to be different for us to get back together. One is to support me. We just seem to argue, he thinks I am being too demanding asking him to do nice things for me. Yes he did used to care for me when I was sick but I would have to ask 5 times for my scrambled eggs and tea. I want things just to happen without nagging. Nagging is never fun especially when your sick.

However I would happily have my not so perfect Mr 8 Year relationship back in my time of need as being Single and Sick is the worst feeling. To my friends who are telling me single is liberating. They may have forgotton through sickness it is crap but awesome through health. Just like anything really.

Mr Wonderful will continue being wonderful through sickness and health. I just want Mr 8 Years to do the same. I think I am asking too much…


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