Come on week end…

So I have decided to throw in a night on the couch with me and my lonely heart and go out for dinner with some friends. I am not going to be a sad sack and wait for the Ex to brush onto and off Skype, telling me how wonderful it is to be travelling (something that makes me green with envy!). I asked for a break so now I must live my single life. Its such a hard adjustment after 8 years being with someone and getting used to Friday and Saturday nights watching DVD’s to have to put myself back out there.

I have been productive with my plans for travels today. I have sent my resume to a UK job agency in hope of getting a job before I land. I have also investigated airfares. I am also slightly counting down. Although I have been a little slack at making too many plans as I have recently had a boy buzzing around me. He is a modern day romeo and as much as I feel like running into the sunset with him I need to put my head down and follow my dreams which I had put on the shelf for 8 years of travelling to Europe.

We will call the newish man Mr Wonderful. I will talk about Mr Wonderful in more depth later.

Heart or head is the question… Which will make me happier?


2 thoughts on “Come on week end…

  1. Use your head. It might hurt, but it will save you from years and tons of disappointment. Think of it logically: you put of Mr. Wonderful and tell him that you want to be a friend before a lover. One of two things happens:
    1.) He immediately forgets about you, moving on and acting as if you never existed, indicating that he is:
    a.) An Average Frustrated Chump
    b.) A bad boy who thinks of you as a disposable peace of sexual meat.

    2.) He sticks around and buzzes around you some more, indicating that he is:
    a.) The right man and the right choice.
    b.) A tad bit desperate.

    • I have decided the head is certainly the way to go! Boys will come and go. I just watched “Letters to Juliet’ as I love a chic flick. But it taught me a lesson if its “true love” then it will still feel that way in 50 years no matter where you go or what you do. So Mr Wonderful is going to come and visit me next week. I look forward to being pampered but I will be reminding him of the fact I am travelling no matter what happens or doesn’t happen between us. It is very hard for me to put Mr Wonderful in the “friend” box as he is a a great lover and the erge to have him as anything less right now is too hard to fight.
      I don’t want to wait any longer to see where things will go when I could be living my dream. I have an inspiring friend who moves where ever the wind blows her. She has an amazing boyfriend who knows thats what she needs to do and is supporting her to do that.
      I don’t want to look back and regret not taking this big step!
      Thanks for replying to my blog…

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